About Us

Grimes & White continues a family tradition to provide quality electrical services for both Residential and Commercial customers throughout the Lower Mainland.

Continuing on a family history of over 38 years in the business, we provide competitive rates and quality workmanship for new construction, renovations, and a variety of projects such as data cabling, fire alarm installation, and more.

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Wayne Grimes (G&W Electric) and Danny White (Manga Electric ltd) had been running their companies independently successful during the 70s each employing a few workers. Both men came from large families of very little means and neither completed high school. There was an opportunity to work on a bigger project that neither of them had enough manpower for. They joined forces under the partnership Grimes & White to complete this project and launch themselves into bigger projects.

Wayne and Danny found that they worked well together and by 1978 all their work was completed under this partnership entity.  During their partnership they maintained excellent relationships with customers, wholesalers and employees. They had an excellent reputation in the industry. They weathered economic slumps admirably.  Their bills were always paid and their work was always done and guaranteed.

During the 35 year partnership Grimes and White has employed between 15-40 people depending on how many projects were going on. Head foreman Cliff has been here from the beginning and still with us after the transition. Both Danny and Wayne have children working full time with Grimes and White; Danny’s son Shane since 1987 and Wayne’s son Bill since 1989 and daughter Doreen since 1988.  Two other employees worked until retirement for over 20 years.  Always offered apprenticeships to workers and many former employees maintain friendships with them to this day.

It all started when I was 10 years old when my father left me at a job site in Aldergrove working for progressive construction which is now called performance construction. He had me putting on the plate covers in the town homes. As time went by working for him and Danny his longtime business partner I started to grow in the trade. We worked at a lot of town homes ,custom homes, condo buildings, commercial buildings, etc. for our customers all over the lower mainland and even as far as 100 miles house to do a fire alarm retro fit. It has always been a friendly family orientated business with a lot of outside workers also joining in. Through the years watching my dad do business with a lot of our customers such as Penta homes, Cottage Creek Homes, Paul Wardell Construction, Starwest Construction, and so on it has taught me how to be very honest and very fair and efficient with everyone. The part of my dad and Danny I liked the most was a handshake was a handshake for the deal no if ands or buts. As our company grew and got older it was that time for my dad and Danny to hang up there tool belts. That being said we as a team such as Shane White, Kevin Balzer, Ryan Henning (the commercial and service tech), and my sister Doreen Minion long time employee for 30 plus years took over Grimes and White to carry on the legend. It has been an honor to work with our longtime customers and would be great to work with new ones in the near future.
Billy Grimes, Residential/Quote Manager, Grimes & White Electrical
I have worked for Grimes and White Electric since 1986 first led by my father and his partner Wayne. They were wonderful bosses who valued their employees inside and outside the workplace. A number of these employees have also been family members such as my uncles, brothers,and cousins. Many relationships had been made during those years and are still maintained today. We have worked for companies such as Penta Builders Group, Townline Homes, Polygon, Wardle Construction, Gaetz Homes and more.

Wayne and my father started this legacy we wish to continue it for many years to come

Shane White, Electrician, Grimes & White
I started working with Chris Davies, and Chris’s Signs and Lighting Service doing the odd service call from time to time while completing my apprenticeship in spring 2009. When the work started to run out, and most companies were going through massive layoffs in the fall, I took this as an opportunity to start my own company, and start sub contracting to Chris’s Signs full time.

By late 2012, we realized it was becoming too big of an operation for just one person. Chris thought it would be best to buy into a larger company to help maintain the the level of service thought to be needed and as a way to expand our horizons. We became part of the Grimes & White family in May of 2013. Their knowledge of residential electrical, and ours of commercial electrical moulded together seamlessly. Together, we strive to be the best in our industry industry weather it be new construction, renovations, trouble shooting problems, or just general service. Joining Grimes & White Electrical Services was one of the best decisions made, and I look forward to a prosperous future.

Ryan Henning, Service Manager, Grimes & White